All Saints’ Day Concert

All Saints’ Day Concert

November 2nd at 19.00 at St. Paul’s Church in Tartu

A. Pärt „Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten“
A. Pärt „Fratres“
C. Kreek „Requiem”

“I feel very happy to perform Fratres by Arvo Pärt at the All Saints’ Day Concert of Vanemuine Theatre. The music of this piece reflects something higher than us. All the feelings and yearnings of humankind are hidden there. At every concert the music reveals itself anew – at the end of the piece something magical occurs which cannot be put into words – it’s a breathtaking feeling.

When I first met the musicians of Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra, I felt their warmth and hospitality right away – I am very much looking forward to our reunion.”

– Violin soloist Hans Christian Aavik, laureate of the Music Endowment annual award in 2022


Conductor Martin Sildos
Soloists Mati Turi (tenor) and Hans Christian Aavik (violin)
Organist Ene Salumäe
Vanemuine symphony orchestra, Vanemuine opera choir, University of Tartu chamber choir