Pettson and Findus

  • For Children
  • Theatre House
  • Length: 00:50

Sven Nordqvist’s children’s story

Pettson is a lonely man, who lives in his cottage in the forest. One beautiful day his doorbell rings followed by …. a Present! Without a doubt Pettson was surprised to see a cat appear from a box. To seek answers to the questions how the old man and the cat became friends and if it is better to be alone or together with someone, the little guests are welcome to see children’s production “Pettson and Findus” that premiers at the Theatre House.

Premiere 07.09.2012 at Theatre House


Translation Ülle Kiivet
Director Marko Mäesaar
Designer Liisa Soolepp
Dramatization Jonas Svensson
Cast Karol Kuntsel and Ott Sepp