Beauty and the Beast

  • For Children
  • The Grand Building of Vanemuine Theatre
  • Length: 02:45

Disney’s musical

If you enjoy good music and love sweet fairy tales – magical, mystical, beautiful stories – and if you believe in love, then Beauty and the Beast is the musical for you!

Georg Malvius, Director

The musical Beauty and the Beast is based on Disney’s musical feature film of 1991, which was in turn inspired by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont’s classic French fairy tale. Beauty and the Beast is the story of a cold-blooded prince who, with the help of some magic, has been turned into an ugly beast as a punishment for his selfishness. In order to become human again, he must make a beautiful young woman fall in love with him before it is too late…

Beauty and the Beast is designed for devotees of Disney movies. The glamour and special effects of the numerous song and dance routines will enchant musical-lovers, while the younger audience will love the magical characters.
This beautiful love story will leave no one cold. The colourful musical will remind young and old alike that not everything is the way it initially seems: sometimes ugliness can turn into beauty, while what appears to be gorgeous can be empty inside.

In Estonian, with English and Finnish surtitles

Premiere on 24 November 2018 in the Grand Building of the Vanemuine


Original director ROBERT JESS ROTH

Director Georg Malvius (Sweden)
Musical director Martin Sildos
Choreographer Adrienne Ǻbjörn (Sweden)
Stage designer Iir Hermeliin
Lighting designer Palle Palmé (Sweden)
Costume designer Mare Raidma
Stage combat choreographer Kaire Russ
Translators Tõnu Oja & Villu Kangur
Cast Saara Kadak or Kärt Anton, Kalle Sepp or René Soom (Estonian National Opera), Aivar Tommingas or Lauri Liiv, Silver Laas or Juss Haasma, Mihkel Tikerpalu (Nuku Theatre) or Oliver Timmusk, Andres Mähar or Simo Breede, Merle Jalakas or Ele Millistfer, Anett Viinalass or Nele-Liis Vaiksoo, Norman Salumäe or Saamuel Pilpak, Karmen Puis or Kristina Vähi and Risto Orav

Vanemuine Opera Choir, Ballet Troupe and Symphony Orchestra