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Ballet gala

In 2019, we mark 80 years of ballet at the Vanemuine Theatre. It has been a colourful, fascinating, often complicated but endlessly beautiful time. We have always had interesting, distinctive repertoire throughout our history, and our dancers have excelled in performing it.

The Vanemuine ballet birthday gala is a deep bow to our audiences and ourselves – we perform significant and historical numbers (including from the productions by the legendary Ida Urbel and Ülo Vilimaa!) and audience favourites from more recent years.

Brandon Alexander (soloist of the Ballet Hagen)
Nashua Mironova and Ilja Mironov (soloists of the Narodni divadlo Brno, Czech)
Willem Houck and Claudio Cangialosi (soloists of the Royal Ballet of Flanders)
Takuya Sumitomo and Rieka Suzuki (soloists of the Croatia National Theatre)
and more


Artistic director Mare Tommingas