• For Children
  • Mujal
  • Length: 00:45

In this opera lesson you will hear the best pieces of Estonian opera, operetta and musical productions through all times. In addition to new and interesting knowledge about the history of Estonian music you will also get an idea of theatre make-up tricks and get to partake in a small production that will be put together on site.
You will hear fragments from song books, operas, operettas as well as from musicals. All of which is our very own Estonian music! K. A. Hermann’s “Uku ja Vanemuine” (Uku and Vanemuine), E. Aav’s “Vikerlased”, G. Ernesaks’ “Tormide rand” (A Stormy Shore), E. Arro and L. Normet’s “Rummu Jüri”, E. Tamberg’s “Cyrano de Bergerac”, Ü. Vinter and Ü. Raudmäe’s “Pipi Longstockings” O. Ehala “Nukitsamees” (The Imp).

The music lesson will be conducted by already well-known teachers – the Vanemuine opera soloists Merle Jalakas and Jaan Willem Sibul.
See you soon at the Estonian theatre music lesson!


Director Ain Mäeots
Designer Maarja Meeru
In Roles Merle Jalakas, Jaan Willem Sibul