• For Children
  • Mujal
  • Length: 00:45

Merle and Jaan-Willem teach how to listen to an opera and what to look at in an opera. They tell stories about the opera house and the people who work there. You will hear several opera numbers from different times. Surely you will find a number of opera arias familiar and some of which you might also know how to sing along. At the opera lesson, a considerable amount of fancy opera costumes are being showed. Some of you may get a close look at the props and even play along.
At the opera lesson, you will hear fragments from the following operas: G. Bizet’ “Carmen”, W. A. Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”, E. Humperdinck’s “Hansel and Gretel”, A. Lortzing’s “The Poacher”, C. Nielsen’s “Masquerade”, Händel’s “Xerxes”.
Opera lesson can be ordered also to a location outside the theatre building,

Director Robert Annus
Designer Maarja Meeru
Concert Master Ele Sonn
In Roles: Merle Jalakas, Jaan Willem Sibul