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  • Exchanging tickets
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  • Charity project Aitan Lapsi

Buy from webpage

It is most convenient to buy tickets from our webpage www.vanemuine.ee. Tickets can also be purchased online www.piletimaailm.com and www.piletilevi.ee.

Tickets bought from Piletilevi sales points and web shop have additional fee. Additional fee does not apply to tickets bought from Vanemuine web page or box office.

Read the conditions of buying tickets online: Piletimaailm and Piletilevi.  

Book in advance

Tickets to Vanemuine performances can only be booked via our box office. These bookings should be purchased in 30 days after the booking has been made, but not later than one month before the performance. You can also manage your bookings on your Piletimaailm account.
Group bookings are managed by our sales manager Siivi Põldots (siivi@vanemuine.ee).
Bookings to performances in less than 1 month are not available.

See the seating plans here:
Vanemuine great house
Vanemuine small house
Alexela Concert Hall

Booked tickets can be purchased by bank payment:
Account: EE932200221023778606 Swedbank
Reference number: 3500081458
Explanation: SA Teater Vanemuine, name and date of performacne, booking maker, number of tickets and cost.

If you want a receipt, please let us know about your wish kassa@vanemuine.ee.

Exchanging tickets

Tickets that are already purchased cannot be refunded nor exchanged. If the unforeseen circumstances make the visit impossible, we advise offering the tickets to friends and family.
In case there are free seats available, we can make an exception and hange the tickets for another performance of the same production with the exchange fee 2€ per ticket. In order to do that, turn to Vanemuine box office 3 work days before the performance the latest. If the tickets are more expensive, price difference will be added.

Buy from box office

Box office of Vanemuine Grand House (Vanemuise 6, tel. 744 0165) is opened Mon-Sat 10-19 (ex. national holidays) and Sun 1 hour before the show.

Box office of Vanemuine Small Building (Vanemuise 45a, tel. 744 0160) and Harbor Theatre (Soola 5b, tel. 734 4247) is opened 1 hour before the show.


Use discount

To a student, pensioner, ISIC- and ITIC card owners the ticket discount is up to -20%.

6 o’clock ticket – up to 1 hour prior to the show all students will have the ticket with 9€. Discount is valid only for Vanemuine performances, except premieres and special projects (on the 149. season : Beauty and the Beast, Memory 2019, New Year’s Eve Ball, Vanemuine Ballet Jubilee Gala, summer production) and to children performances in Teatri Kodu.

Tickets to children performances are with the same price to all visitors.  When we have the joy to meet a theatre visitor under age 4, there is a possibility to get the “lap ticket” with 5€.

Teatri Kodu is a small theatre with smaller performances for smaller visitors. Therefore the price is also smaller and valid for everyone without discounts and “lap tickets”.

Group discounts for childrens’ performances are up tp 10% and offered starting from 10 tickets.

Box office Wednesday –  there is a different and very good daily offer every Wednesday throughout the season that you can purchase from the box office and online.

To Family card owners the tickets for the 150. season are -40% for the following productions:
dramas – Beatrice, Faust, Kaukaasia kriidiring;
operas – Jevgeni Onegin, Rehepapp;
ballet – Teravmeelne hidalgo…, Romeo ja Julia, Armastuse tango;
childrens plays – Guugelmuugelpunktkomm, Lapsepõlvebänd, Naksitrallid
With these precise discounts we recommend booking tickets in advance kassa@vanemuine.ee.

Charity project Aitan Lapsi

Project Aitan Lapsi provides to apply free tickets for children from low income families. More information : the webpage of Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions and from our sales manager Siivi Põldots –  siivi@vanemuine.ee, 7440167.