Rufina Noor

  • Ballet répétiteur
  • Since 1969 at the Vanemuine Theatre

on 25.01.1949 in the village of Vissimi in the Perm region of Russia

Graduated from Tallinn School of Choreography in 1969 (in the class of Niina Kuusik)

Stage career
1969-1991 Ballet soloist at the Vanemuine, since 1981 also a répétiteur and director’s assistant (on both ballet and opera productions). In 1977 performed with the ballet troupe of the USSR in Italy and in 1980 in India, and in 1992 with a solo performance in Finland. She participated in concert tours in the German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia and Sweden as a member of the troupe formed of ballet soloists from the USSR.

Princess (Fairy Tales: Bartók’s The Wooden Prince, 1969), Happy (Saint-Saens’ Paintings (Maalid), Dance of Death (Surmatants, 1969), Lise (Hertel’s Vain Caution (Asjatu ettevaatus,) 1970), Nele (Richard Strauss’ Till Eulenspiegel, 1970), Inesilja (Richard Strauss’ Don Juan, 1970), Giselle and Myrtha (Adam’s Giselle, 1972 and 1987), Piret (Põldmäe’s Mermaid (Merineitsi), 1974), soloist (Chopiniana, 1974), Aisha (Gara Garayev’s Seven Beauties, 1974), La Goulu (Portraits, Jane Avril, 1975), soloist (Skrjabiniana, 1976), Maiden (Eespere’s Bystanders: Man and the Night (Kõrvalised: Inimene ja öö), 1977), Swanilda (Delibes’ Coppélia, 1978), Masha (Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker, 1979), Sulamit (Kogan’s Sulamit, 1981), Maiden (Trap (Lõks), 1982), Bianca (Benoist, Reber & Pugni’s Satanella, 1984), Mari (Auster’s Tiina, 1984), Young Woman (Clearing up: Saying Good-Bye, music by Mahler, 1985), Island Girl (Kapp’s Kalev’s Son (Kalevipoeg), 1985), soloist (Sven Grünberg’s Reflections (Peegeldused), 1985), Sweetheart and Pub Maid (Denissov’s Confession, 1985 Estonian National Opera), Kaunisokas (Britten’s The Prince of the Pagodas, 1986), Julia (Choreographic short stories: Montecchi and Capuletti, music by Tchaikovsky, 1986), Estrella (The Ox on the Roof, music by Milhaude, 1986), Faline (Auster’s Bambi, 1987), Maria Stuart (Šenderova’s Maria Stuart, 1988), Hannah Nixon (Janek Savolainen’s Nixon, 2006)

Staged Chopin’ Chopiniana to Fokin’s choreography at the Vanemuine in 2002

Second-order award of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia “for the development of amicable relationships between republics”
1978 Estonian SSR Theatre Union Award (Svanilda in Coppélia)
1979 Estonian SSR Theatre Union Award (Masha in The Nutcracker)
1980 Meritorious Artist of the Estonian SSR
1988 People’s Artist of the Estonian SSR
1988 Annual Ballet Award
2006 Silver Mark of the Vanemuine