Hayley Blackburn

  • in Vanemuine since 2005
Born 5.04.1986, Great Britain

2005 British Royal Ballet School (among others, her ballet teachers have been Age Oks, Darcy Bussell and Antoinette Sibley)

in February and March 2005 participated with other British Royal Ballet School graduates on a tour in Japan and the United States of America, while living in Germany for four years, participated in the German television show “Kinderquatsch” and in the serial “Aus Heiteren Himmel”

Roles in Vanemuine
“Moorland Elegies” (Kõrvits/Wang, 2019), Juliet – “Romeo and Juliet” (Prokofiev/Zuska, 2018), Girl – “Man in the Movie” (Silas Stubbs, 2018), Gerda – “Snow Queen” (Silas Stubbs, 2016), Rose – “Midnight in Paris” (Michael Shannon, 2015), Raymonda – “Raymonda” (director Yelena Pankova, 2013), Housekeeper – “Nutcracker” (director Pär Isberg, 2004), Giselle – “Giselle” (director Stanislav Fečo, 2007), Manon – „Casanova“ (David Sonnenbluck, 2011), Tatjana – “Onegin” (director Vassili Medvedjev, 2007), Aurora – “Sleeping Beauty” (director Pär Isberg, 2008), Teele – “Spring” (director Ruslan Stepanov, 2009), Belle – „The Beauty and the Beast“ (director Silas Stubbs, 2013), “E-major” (director Toomas Edur), “Soldier’s Story” (director Rachid Tika), Solveig – “Peer Gynt” (director Mare Tommingas, 2006), Wendy – “Peter Pan”(director Oksana Titova, 2008) and more.

in 2001 and 2002 made the finals in the contest “The Young British Dancer of the Year”
Estonian Annual Theatre Award 2014 (For the roles in “Raymonda” and “Beauty and the Beast”)