Read the guidelines on safe theatre visits

Please follow the rules implemented at the venue and make the most of the opportunities we have created with everyone’s safety in mind.

Rules for visitors:

  • When coming to the performance, please keep distance and wash and sanitize your hands! If you are or feel ill, please stay at home! This will keep the virus from spreading. Theatre Vanemuine has the right not to admit individuals with symptoms of COVID-19 to the performance.
  • Theatre Vanemuine requires wearing a mask. Children under 12 years or people with medical reasons are not obliged to wear a mask (e.g people with asthma or hearing loss). You can purchase a mask from the box office.
  • The Vanemuine Theatre has the right to alter seating arrangements in accordance with health regulations.
  • The Vanemuine Theatre is only obliged to reimburse the cost of tickets if a performance is cancelled.
  • When coming to the performance, please factor in the time it will take for your tickets to be checked, to choose a seat and, if necessary, to find a parking space. The audience will be allowed into the venue 30 minutes before the start of the performance.
  • We recommend pre-booking a table for refreshments on café Shakespeare’s website before the performance to avoid queues.

Measures being implemented by the theatre:

  • Tickets will be checked with minimal contact and queues and observing safe social distancing.
  • Payment terminals will be placed as far from cashiers as possible.
  • We will guarantee restriction-compliant seating arrangements (max 50% of the seating) and movement in audience areas.
  • Opportunities for hand-sanitizing are at the entering or exiting doors, in the coatroom and near caterers.
  • Toilets have running water, soap, paper towels for drying hands and contactless waste containers.
  • All public rooms and frequently used surfaces (including card payment terminals, cash registers, screens, keyboards and other apparatus used for ticket sales, plus toilet supplies) are being wet-cleaned every 2-4 hours.
  • Entrance to the venue will be open for at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the event in order to guarantee the rule-compliant admission of visitors, including the opportunity to social distance.
  • We will guarantee enough space between the audience and the performers to hinder the spread of any diseases.
  • Technical units (such as sound and lighting equipment) in public areas are clearly labelled and cordoned off from the audience to minimise any risk of contagion.
  • The theatre may implement measures stricter than those mentioned above if this helps to halt the spread of the virus.

Information regarding performances and public safety is being updated on an ongoing basis.