Read the guidelines on safe theatre visits

Dear theater guest,

The threat of the coronavirus in Estonia persists, and that requires responsible behavior from the theater as well as from all theater guests. We have implemented measures to prevent the spread of the virus to ensure the safety of spectators and artists.

We proceed from the government regulationthe instructions of the Ministry of Culture, the recommendations by the Health Board, and the desire to keep the Vanemuine Theater open and culture available.

Here are some instructions that will ensure your entrance into the Vanemuine Theater as a guest and will enable us to bring the productions to you.

Instructions to the guest

  • If you have fallen ill or feel ill, please stay at home! This will help to prevent the spread of the virus. The theater has the right not to allow people with symptoms of illness into the theater hall.
  • Every theater guest must prove that they are non-infectious – when coming to the theater, please make sure to take with you
    • a valid personal identity document (ID-card, driver’s license, passport) and
    • vaccination passport that validates your full vaccination (the time indicated by the manufacturer must have elapsed since the last dose), certificate of having had COVID-19 (in the last six months), or a certificate of a negative PCR or a rapid antigen test (the PCR test is valid in case it has been done not more than 72h and the rapid antigen test not more than 48h before the event).
      • Save the vaccine pass/certificate to your phone or print it out, so you don’t need to look for it at the theater!

The Vanemuine Theater in cooperation with Confido offers theater guests with a ticket the opportunity to make a rapid antigen test in a suitable testing venue all over Estonia (not valid in rapid clinics) with a discount price of 17 euros when using the discount code LINDA_TULEB (valid until 30.09.2021). In Tartu, the testing venue is located at Lõunakeskus.

  • The guest can book a time for testing hereWhen filling out the data, there is a separate box at the end of the page to insert the code. The antigen test must be made 48 hours before the beginning of the event and Confido will issue such a certificate (digital/on paper).

Here are other health care providers where you can have yourself tested. The theater does not offer rapid testing onsite.

A person under the age of 18 does not need to prove his/her non-infectious status (we ask them, though, to bring a document to validate their age).

  • In case a person does not wish to prove that they are non-infectious, they have no right to participate in theater performances. The organizer has no obligation to return the ticket money either. The legal basis for this is the the Law of Obligations Act § 101 section 3.
  • We exchange tickets for the same performance on another date or offer a gift invitation in case the ticket buyer informs of such a wish no later than 7 days before the start of the performance. Please contact
  • When entering the theater, please wash or disinfect your hands.
  • Keep at least a two-meter distance from other people.
  • The theater has the right to change the seating arrangement if stated so by the Health Board restrictions.
  • The theater has the obligation to reimburse the cost of tickets only when a performance has been canceled. Exceptionally and in case of vacancies, it is possible to exchange tickets. Please contact the Vanemuine Theater box office (
  • Please ensure that you arrive earlier so there is enough time for your tickets to be checked and to find a parking space. The audience is welcome at the theater one hour before the start of the performance.
  • We recommend pre-booking a table for refreshments on café Shakespeare’s website before the performance to avoid queues.
  • We recommend downloading the Hoia corona app. Switch your phone on flight mode instead of switching it off.

Theater ensures

  • The personnel that has contact with the theater audience either holds a valid vaccination passport or a negative coronavirus test result.
  • Tickets will be checked with minimal contact and queues and by observing safe social distancing.
  • Entrance to the venue will be open for at least 1 hour before the start of the event to guarantee the rule-compliant admission of visitors, including the opportunity to social distance.
  • At the end of the performance, we organize the audience leave from the theater hall in a scattered manner.
  • The payment terminals will be placed as far from cashiers as possible.
  • Opportunities for hand-sanitizing are at the entry doors, in the coatroom, and near the caterers.
  • Toilets have running water, soap, paper towels for drying hands, and contactless waste containers.
  • All public rooms and frequently used surfaces (including card payment terminals, cash registers, screens, keyboards, and other apparatus used for ticket sales, and toilet supplies) are being wet-cleaned every 2-4 hours.
  • There is enough space between the audience and the performers to hinder the spread of any diseases.
  • Technical units (such as sound and lighting equipment) in public areas are clearly labeled and cordoned off from the audience to minimize any risk of contagion.
  • By such prescription from the Ministry of Culture or the Health Board, the theatre may implement measures stricter than those mentioned above if this helps to halt the spread of the virus.

Information regarding performances and public safety is being updated on an ongoing basis.