Summer Concert of the Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra

Summer Concert of the Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra

July 31st at 20.00 in the Kassitoome Valley

In 2010 Vanemuine restored the beautiful tradition of summer concerts. A tradition that was created in the beginning of the 20th century when Vanemuine first began work as a professional theatre. This free outdoor garden concert is held this year for the 12th time in the summery Kassitoome Valley.

This years concert is inspired by passion and carnival, with works by Mozart, Donizetti, Dvořák, Arban, Berlioz, Strauss and others, and by Estonian composers Kõrvits and Valgre.

The main sponsor of the concert is AS GIGA

Concert is supported by the city of Tartu, VSpa, Kvartal and Coop Tartu.

Soloists Kai Rüütel (mezzo-soprano, guest), Raiko Raalik (bass-baritone, NO Estonia), Toomas Oskar Kahur (tuba, guest), Lauri Sõõro (cello)
Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra
Risto Joost


Risto Joosti intervjuu raadiole Elmar (27.07.2021)