The events of this story take place in an imagined future, a totalitarian country named Oceania where the Big Brother enjoys an intense cult of personality, independent thinking is forbidden and people are monitored and tracked in every possible way. History has been re-written and the present classified. At the mercy of the Ministries of Love, Plenty, Peace and Truth, people are like tiny insects whose personal thoughts and feelings are completely meaningless. One day, protagonist Winston Smith discovers that he is a dissident and starts to notice the lies that surround him.

This cult novel by English writer George Orwell was published after World War II and is still (or even increasingly) stirring, topical and prophetic.

Première on 26 June 2021 at the Comb Factory event centre (at Teguri 28a, Tartu)

Author George Orwell
Dramatization by Robert Icke, Duncan Macmillan
Translator Tõnis Arro
Director Karl Laumets
Scenographer Kristjan Suits
Music designer Vaiko Eplik
Lighting designer Rene Liivamägi
Video designer Epp Kubu

Cast Robert Annus, Gert Raudsep, Maria Annus, Hannes Kaljujärv, Marika Barabanštšikova, Ott Sepp, Maarja Johanna Mägi, Kaarel Pogga, Ken Rüütel