Colby Samuel Louis Catton

Colby Samuel Louis Catton

Joined the Vanemuine Theatre in 2021

06.02.2001, Great Britain

2021 graduated Elmhurst Ballet School

Professional experience
Taken part in Elmhurst Ballet School productions of “Sleeping Beauty”,” Swan Lake” etc.

Roles in Vanemuine
Matthias, the Nutcracker – “The Nutcracker – A Miraculous Christmas Eve” (Tommingas 2022), “Firebird / Scheherazade” (Amarante 2022), “Metamorphoses” (Traylen/Jordan/Grib 2021), Escort for Princesses of Spain and Russia, Courtier – “Swan Lake” (Zuska 2021), “Peer Gynt” (Urbel/Laumets 2020), “There were three sisters” (Aidla 2020)