The Master and Margarita

  • Ballet
  • The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre
  • Length: 03:20

A symbiosis of dance and drama, mysticism and love. A very visual production.

Bulgakov died in 1940 believing that his work would never be published. His unfinished manuscript was completed by his wife, the prototype of Margarita – Jelena Bulgakova. No master is a true Master without his Margarita…

The various interpretations of Master and Margarita always leave something unsaid. The material itself has created a certain deference, interest and curiosity in the director and will most certainly create a similar feeling in the audience. This explains the emergence of the new stage version. It is a symbiosis of dance and drama, mysticism and love, black magic, plurality of boundaries and the need to keep moving.

Enormous delight is to be found in minor details – one cannot help but stand in awe of the playwright. Those in search of aesthetic pleasures are titillated by the most graceful of dance steps as if incidentally added to the performance. There are many surprises. A new interpretation of such a masterpiece must create new connections, new viewpoints. This is, in fact, what the brand new production does. /…/The directors have seamlessly integrated the foreign dance troupe with the members of the drama troupe. Everything is organic and natural. Dance and word intertwine, and when Margarita opens her mouth and starts speaking German, it seems the right thing to do.
Siim Lill, Tartu Ekspress newspaper

Premiere on March 7th 2015, Vanemuine Small building