Aino and the Fairy (Aino ja Haldjas)

  • For Children
  • Theatre House
  • Next 14.03 - 11:00

Priit Strandberg’s children’s play

Aldja the Fairy is on a mission: to find out what Aino wants most of all and to make that wish come true. That is the most important thing. But Aino knows that one mustn’t speak one’s deepest wish out loud because that will jinx it. And so no one knows Aino’s biggest wish, not even her own mother or father. Aldja has very little time, but she has to find out what the wish is… Surely someone knows? Surely Aino has told someone.

Premiere 02.11.2016, Theatre House


Director and musical designer Priit Strandberg
Designer Maarja Meeru
Lighting designer Tauri Kötsi
Cast Marian Heinat and Karl Laumets