The play is about three middle-aged men and the tensions that the contemporary society generates in the masculine gender.

By Mika Myllyaho
Translator: Maimu Berg
Director: Taago Tubin
Stage Designer: Jaanus Laagriküll
Light Designer: Jaanus Moor

In Roles: Raivo E. Tamm, Riho Kütsar, Ain Mäeots

Presented with one interval.
Running Time:


23.09.201419:00The Harbour Theatre
10.10.201419:00The Harbour Theatre
29.10.201419:00The Harbour Theatre
12.11.201419:00The Harbour Theatre
04.01.201516:00The Harbour Theatre
10.01.201519:00The Harbour Theatre
25.01.201516:00The Harbour Theatre
08.02.201516:00The Harbour Theatre
26.02.201519:00The Harbour Theatre
18.03.201519:00The Harbour Theatre
10.04.201519:00The Harbour Theatre

Leo, Max and Joni are successful males who all of a sudden cannot handle their lives any more. The society and their close-ones as if expect something more from them, What more?! In the state of emergency they form a home group therapy session that takes very bizarre forms and make the bystanders cry and laugh at the same time.

Mika Myllyaho is a Finnish younger generation director and playwright, his first play "Panic" reached the Helsinki Ryhmäteatteri stage in great success, the piece has been successfully staged in many different Finnish theatres as well as elsewhere in the world.

14 Under 14 not recommended
Some scenes may be inappropriate for children under 14.

Premiere on March 6, 2010 at the Harbour Theatre.

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